Do your trees look lifeless lately? Well, chances are that they need a good pruning. Seeking tree pruning services from experienced tree surgeons in Leatherhead can be the key to keeping your garden thriving all throughout the year. Wondering how to determine if your trees need to be pruned? Check out the warning signs below which indicate the need for seeking tree pruning service.

Whether you have a spacious garden or have some trees out in the backyard for landscaping purposes, it’s important for you to know when to prune your trees. Pruning trees keep the garden looking stunning, prevents expensive property damage and saves you from costly removal of rotting trees. Moreover, leaving your trees untrimmed can be hazardous for you, your family as well as the guests visiting you.

Here’re a few signs which indicate you need pruning services from a leading tree surgeon.

4 Signs It’s Time To Call Qualified Tree Surgeons In Leatherhead

  1. Broken Branches

Often caused by strong wind or heavy rain, broken branches are another great indication of your need for professional tree surgery in Leatherhead. Trees with broken or weak branches pose a great hazard not only to your family but also to people around your home. Since not all splintering branches can be noticed easily, it is always recommended to check your tree thoroughly after a storm so that broken branches can be pruned immediately. This way, you can also prevent them from falling.

  • Deep Cracks

Do you notice bark cracks in your tree recently? Deep cracks, an indication of the need for professional services are the result of temperature fluctuations. When the sun heats up the bark on warm winter days and then freezes at night owing to the dramatic drop in temperature, it causes sunscald. This can stunt the growth of young fruit trees which are prone to this damage. Getting your trees pruned by an expert can be beneficial since it will help in preventing cracks from forming.

  • Branches Over Power Lines

One tell-tale sign of the need for calling the best tree surgeon in Leatherhead for trimming is when the branches are growing on top of the power lines. Since the closeness of branches to power lines can be very dangerous, it needs to be inspected and pruned by an expert. Growth of branches over power lines can be an apotential threat even to the wandering branches. So, trees with branches growing over other structure on your property need to be trimmed immediately for safety precautions.

  • Untamed Growth

This is another major indication of a tree in need of pruning. When trees are not trimmed regularly, they grow in ways which are not ideal. Even though you may admire the ‘unique’ way in which your tree is growing, it may not necessarily be healthy for your trees. Misshapen trees can cause damage to property owing to uneven weight distribution between the tree’s branches. What makes seeking pruning services more important is that untamed growth can even result in splintered branches. 

Check if you notice any of the tell-tale signs above and approach skilled tree surgeons. Time to reap the benefits of professional tree surgery!