Tree surgery is also known as arboriculture, and the tree surgeons are also called arborists. They are the trained and certified tree experts who have the license and skill of cutting, maintaining and cultivating trees. There are professional courses to become a certified tree surgeon or arborist. Thus, the demand for experienced and certified tree surgeons in Guildford is huge. They are hired by the landscaping companies, and they can start their individual business of tree surgery as well.

What Does a Tree Surgeon Do

As the name suggests, tree surgeons are skilled to cut trees in different shapes as per the demand of the situations. However, their job includes but is not limited to only tree cutting or tree pruning. They provide a variety of tree care services as per the demand of the situation. From cultivating the trees to maintain their growth; these experts offer their full effort to keep your garden or landscape in good health for a long time.

Some of their Top Services

  • Tree Cutting: Whether you want to cut a fallen tree to save your assets or need to prune the branches of the tree to ensure its proper growth – these experts can be hired for all types of tree cutting jobs.
  • Tree Maintenance: A certified and professional arborist in Guildford can be hired to diagnose different ailments in trees and to offer them the right solutions. They can take proper care of the damaged tree to give it a new life or advice you to remove it to avoid potential hazards.
  • Tree Removal: It can be a massive cyclone or a natural process – tress can fall anytime anywhere. The professional arborists are hired for safe and fast tree removals. They have the right skill and proper experience to remove the big trees along with their branches to reduce the risks for the surrounding areas and the local inhabitants.
  • Maintaining the Landscape: It is important to take proper care of the big trees as well as the bushes to maintain the aesthetics of your landscape. Handling small plants can seem easy for you. However, you need professional expertise for handling the big trees and their large branches. Hence, you should call the professional team of tree surgeons to maintain your landscape.
  • Give Advice: Tree surgeons can help you in choosing the right kind of trees for your landscape based on the size of the yard and the position as well. Their advice will make your landscape look more alluring and interesting.

The expert tree surgeons of Roots and Shoots are always ready to offer you their skill and advice. Whether you need them for tree removal or sick advice for firewood in Guildford; you can always trust on our services.

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