Stump grinding and stump removal are not the same though both tree surgery in Guildford techniques are used for removal of stump after a tree is being cut down and removed. The tree stump can be effectively eliminated through two ways – stump removal and stump grinding.  Depending on the size of the tree, extent of the root and other considerations, you need to choose any of these options for removal of unsightly stump from your yard. There are significant differences between these two. But to identify and understand the differences, you need to understand both stump grinding and stump removal.

Under certain circumstances, even after a tree has been fallen off the place or been cut, you can see that the stump of the tree to stand for quite a long time. This little portion of a tree basically remains stuck in the ground exactly where the tree stood previously. Sometimes, the trees regenerate out of the stumps while in other cases, it doesn’t happen. Irrespective of the cases, disposing of the stump is required.  Let’s have a quick look at both of these tree services.

Stump Removal 

Stump removal is required to clear the space where once a tree stood for growing a new plant. With stump removal, the entire stump along with any root ball of the tree gets removed. This is a bit complicated process used by the tree surgeons Richmond. Usually, as a tree grows, the root ball also grows with it. Over time, the root ball expands notably giving in to larger root sizes. Usually the root ball is about 4 to 10 times of the tree size. Once the entire parts are eliminated through the process of stump removal, you can see just a hole on the ground where once the tree stood. However, with old and large trees, stump removal process hardly work as the root systems of such trees are extremely difficult to take out. However, stump removal might not always be the outcome of a pre-planned tree cutting operation. When a tree falls, for instance, out of age or extreme weather condition, the entire or parts of the main root system may wrench out of the ground. And in this case, you need to get it disposed of along with other parts of the tree. However, in such a case, nature has done most of the work. And now you need to remove the fallen part with some easy stump removal techniques.

Stump Grinding

Once a tree is being cut to the ground level or entirely removed, the stump part has to be removed with stump grinding Guildford process. As it comes to tree stump grinding, the stump, at first, has to be grounded with a grinder into smaller pieces. These pieces are cut such a way so they can be used as mulch or a ground cover. The stump is grounded with the help of a grinder until it is just a few inches below the ground level. This portion remains covered with dust and dirt. After some time, this portion decays together with roots surrounding it.

Though there is controversy over which one of these two methods is better, both of them are different and should be used as per requirement.