Though everyone in Leatherhead with a garden in their property is aware of the importance of watering the plants, they don’t know how often they should be watered and the method of watering them. Trees absorb everything they need from the soil and so watering them is a must when the temperature rises. Water helps in preventing them from drying and dying by transporting important nutrients through the plant.

You will be surprised to know that though trees are capable of withstanding dry spells caused due to intense heat of the sun, the soil dries very fast as gallons of water is absorbed by the trees. Unless you water them and help them regain the lost moisture, the trees will become susceptible to fungus and diseases. How much water they will require is dependent on how old the tree is. It is easier for older trees to absorb water and nutrients from the soil as they have extensive root systems which go deep inside the soil. This is why professionals offering tree surgery in Leatherhead require more time to get rid of them if they ever become deadly or diseased.

Top 7 Tips To Keep Your Trees Healthy This Summer

  • Minimum 3 inches of wood mulch should be added to the base of your trees if you want to keep them protected from heat, prevent weeds and help the trees to retain water.
  • Take your time and water the trees slowly when the weather is too hot. Watering them frequently at short intervals should be avoided. Tree surgeons in Leatherhead ensure that water is flowing slowly by using a tree bag or soaker hose.
  • Morning is considered to be the best time to water your plants as the temperature is cooler. Not only does it help in reducing the amount of water lost due to evaporation but the trees also become capable of facing the hot sun later.
  • Three primary factors on which the amount of water a tree will require depends are its size, age and the type of soil. Soil containing clay can’t drain easily and so overwatering them is a strict no-no. Let the top layer of the soil dry out before you water them again.
  • Since water can strengthen the impact of sunlight and burn the foliage, it is your responsibility to ensure that they don’t get wet while you are watering the trees.
  • Keep a close watch on the newly planted trees in your garden and monitor them for the first few months if you want to know whether they are vulnerable to excess heat or sunshine.

These being said, it’s time you follow the tips stated above and keeping your trees protected this summer will become easier.

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