Tree surgery is a relatively new field which is steadily growing since the time tree and horticulture is taken to a new level by John Davey, the father of tree science. The domain got refined in years. Now, there are specific curriculums for aspiring tree surgeons to gain a degree in the stream.  The qualified tree surgeon possesses in-depth knowledge and has the utmost proficiency in offering an appropriate solution to all tree-related issues.  Here is a detailed overview of the various techniques incorporated by tree surgeons in Richmond, Epsom, and other areas across the UK.

 A Discourse on the Different Tree Surgery Techniques


As you are thinking about cutting a tree, the foremost consideration would be keeping the tree secure. Specific preparations need to be taken to ensure this aspect. Let’s take an instance of a diseased tree getting weaker over time. In this case, the best option would be attaching the infirm tree with ropes to the trees in the proximity. This will ensure that the tree would remain stable as the surgery work is conducted on it. There are cases when the trunk of the tree is fragile, and then specific equipment like cranes or an elevated platform need to be used. Any tree surgeon in Epsom or some other place is trained enough to use such material. The standard method is, however, attaching the rope climbing system to an anchor point bearing the load. It will offer strong support to the tree surgeon and the equipment used in the procedure.

The Climbing Techniques

  • The rope positioning backed by an appropriate system eliminating the chances of falling.
  • Accessing and positioning the rope alongside a separate safety line or the working line with an anchor placed separately. One, however, needs to check if there is any risk involved in using the second line. There must be a system which will prevent the tree surgeon from falling.

Tree Surgery Techniques

  • Sometimes the branches close to the trunk are removed, but the immediate outcome happens to be too massive and flat cuts which the tree finds challenging to repair completely.
  • The efficient professionals offering services of tree surgery in Walton on Thames implement pruning cuts with precision to reduce the stress level of the tree.
  • There are specific techniques that resemble natural occurrences, such as natural fracture pruning or coronet pruning.

General Works

  • Like the tree on the verge of the danger of being pulled apart then its outlay branches can be supported by using cables and thus the tree regains the balance. This process is known as cable bracing.
  • Formative pruning is another technique used to remove the unwanted branches and help the tree to grow at a faster rate.

Techniques of Pruning

  • As a tree tends to grow larger than its location, then a process called pollarding is implemented. In it, the branches are cut aggressively. This is the last option to save a tree when you don’t have any opportunity other than dismantling it.
  • As the tree is overgrown, then it is wise to cut the boughs back to the growth point. Thus, the sap continues to reach the ends of the branches. This will check the growth, but at the same time, will help in re-growth as well.
  • There is another trending technique called retrenchment pruning. This is used when the tree recovers at a far slower rate.

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