Everyone is aware of the importance of trees in our environment and this is why the demand for reliable, professional and knowledgeable tree surgeons is gradually enhancing all over Guildford. Though the focus of every garden owner is on maintaining the health of their trees, they become sick with the passage of time and it is the responsibility of the garden owner to assess their quality.

If you always wonder whether the trees in your garden is getting sufficient care or not, it’s high time you stop worrying. There are a few signs which can easily differentiate a healthy tree from one which is dying and require tree surgery services. You can also take the aid of a tree surgeon and they will tell you what to do next.

Top 3 Signs Of Healthy Trees In Guildford

  • Bold Leaves

Every tree surgeon in Kingston will agree to the fact that bold leaves are an indication of healthy trees, though their shapes and colour vary from tress to tress. The professionals ensure whether the colour of the tree is in accordance with the season you are in. You don’t require worrying about its health if there are no yellow or wilted leaves.

  • No Broken Branches

If the trees in your garden have no broken branches, there is nothing to worry about. Broken or dead branches indicate that the tree has become infected and the only way of getting rid of the diseases is by killing it. Tree surgeons in Richmond assess whether there is any sign of green below the broken branches by scraping it using the right equipment.

  • No Bare Patches

If you have evergreen trees in your garden, this is one of the easiest ways to ensure that they are healthy. Assess it throughout the year and check whether you can see sections without leaves.  There is a wide range of reasons why baldness retains like animals eating the leaves, faulty process of pruning, deficiency of water or nutrients and pesticide damages.

Top 2 Signs Of Broken Trees In Guildford

  • Dead Wood

If you see a tree in your garden with dead wood, it is a warning sign that its health has deteriorated and you need tree surgery services. The wood dies and breaks when it becomes dry or lifeless. Removing the dead branches as soon as possible is a must if you want to prevent too much of damage and save the tree.

  • Decay

One of the main reasons why we tend to ignore a decayed tree is because of the unique feature of trees to decay from within. The decay can be noticed only when the issue has advanced beyond rectification. Such being the situation, approaching a reliable surgeon for tree surgery in Guildford becomes necessary.

Since you are now aware of the common symptoms indicating a healthy tree and a dead one, hire a tree surgeon if you notice any of the warning signs indicating the latter.