Is your garden looking stressed out? Summer in the UK, with high temperatures and sunny days, can be very hard on your trees. Wondering how to ensure the good health of your plants? A little routine care is all that you need to do keep your garden beautiful throughout the warm season.

Taking proper care of your trees all through thesummer months can result in a healthy landscape. Whether you want to prevent pest infections or want to prevent any other disease from taking hold, summer is the perfect time to take good care of your plants. And, by availing tree surgery in Walton on Thames, you can be assured of keeping your garden beautiful, fresh and nourished. Specialists have the professional requirement required to give your landscape a fresh look.

Below are a few useful summer tree care tips shared by qualified tree surgeons!

5 Tips To Keep Your Landscape Healthy During Summer With Tree Surgery In Richmond

  1. Pay Attention To Falling Leaves And Twigs

During the summertime, do you find your trees shedding twigs or leaves? Consider it as a reaction to too much stress in the warm season. Technically known as “summer leaf drop” and “summer dormancy”, it usually appears in maples, hackberry, western red cedar and birch trees. Proper watering can help you in bringing back your trees to health.

  1. Keep Your Plants Cool

The landscaping materials that surround your trees can intensify heat during the summer season. This is the reason why you should be very careful while choosing landscaping materials. For instance, decomposed granite (used as mulch around or under trees) makes radiant heat more intense since it absorbs the sun and reflects it later on. Remember; too much stress can stress your healthy trees.

  1. Mulch Your Trees

Experienced landscapers in Woking believe that mulching trees during the summer is important since it soothes the temperature of soil and even helps conserve soil moisture. Mulch can even be a great addition to your landscape since it helps in retaining moisture. Mulch even acts as a natural barrier from drastic hot temperature that people often experience in the UK.

  1. Water Your Plants Regularly

There are some tree species which require watering regularly, especially in hot weather. Every young plant, that’s less than 2 years, needs to be watered once the soil turns dry. Wondering how much you need to water? Well, that depends on the weather condition, the soil and your tree. You can water your trees at the same time when you water your grass.

  1. Consider Pruning

Pruning is another important step which you should keep in mind. Talk to professional tree surgeons, before you prune your trees in summer for summer growth. This is because availing reliable tree surgery in Richmond for pruning can help you boost the development of a tree or branch. With their years of experience in offering tree care services, these specialists can prune to a definite shape.

So what are you still pondering over? It’s time to avail professional tree surgery for ensuring a beautiful and healthy landscape!