Do you wish to keep your trees in good shape throughout the year? Are you on the lookout for ways to get rid of the dangerous dead branches and other issues which affect the health and growth of your trees? Seeking expert advice from qualified surgeons can then be the ideal way to maintain the health and appearance of your plants!

Availing tree pruning or tree trimming service from certified professionals can be excellent ways to keep your landscape in proper shape. With their profound knowledge and vast experience, experts can prune or trim your plants as required to maintain their health and appearance. However, with numerous techniques to choose from, deciding on a method which best suits your garden can be daunting and it is here that seeking advice from tree surgeons in Guildford can come handy.

Read on to know what a leading tree surgeon has to advice homeowners!

Reasons Why You Should Prune or Trim Your Trees

  • Safety

Broken or dead branches can fall off anytime, causing serious safety hazard. If you find that tree branches are obstructing the vision of you or your neighbours while driving, trim them instantly. Limbs and branches even grow close to utility lines and it is better to trim them beforehand to ensure adequate safety.

  • Aesthetics

Pruning can be an effective way to maintain the shape and appearance of your plants. But, keep in mind that no unnatural size or shape should be imposed on a tree. The extent of pruning and trimming required for an unnatural shape can badly harm the tree.

  • Health

By pruning the affected limbs and branches of a plant, you can strategically save any infected tree from potential damages. Crown thinning can be very beneficial since it improves the airflow.

Tree Trimming Tips By Professional Tree Surgeons In Richmond

  • Prune During Dormant Season

Though you can trim or prune during any season, certified tree surgeons in Richmond suggest that it is always better to do so during dormant. However, in case of hazards, you should prune instantly.

  • Consider The Size Of The Branch

Be careful about the size of the branch you wish to remove. If the diameter of the branch is less than 5cm, removing it is safe. In case it is within 5 to 10cm, think if you really want to prune or trim.

  • Look For Weak & Young Branches

Professionals believe that only the weak, young and branches with narrow angles should be trimmed. Young branches are easier to manage during this stage and have a low risk of leaving any nasty scar.

Tree Pruning Techniques You Must Keep In Mind

  • Look for branch collar which grows at the bottom base before making any cut.
  • Cut outside the ridge of bark and ensure that the branch collar is not injured
  • Use the same technique for removing dead branches
  • Use the three-cut technique for long branches

Do you wish to consult a professional before taking on the task of trimming or pruning? Find a well-qualified tree surgeon and seek his expert advice!