Now that December is fast approaching, are you planning to buy your Christmas tree? Do you wish to keep the Christmas spirit in your house as long as possible? Wondering how to make your tree look great in pictures? No worries. All you need to do is avail some expert advice from skilled tree surgeons!

Just like many others, you too may want your Christmas tree to last through the entire joyous season till the New Year arrives. But, the reality is that it only takes a few days of direct sunlight to dry out a fresh tree. Therefore, to keep up the festive spirit by preserving the freshness of your tree, take adequate care of your tree by availing exemplary tree surgery in Kingston so that it lasts well into the New Year.

Here’s how leading tree surgeons advice you to keep your Christmas tree alive throughout the festive season!

From Tree Surgeons in Richmond: Tips For Keeping Your Christmas Tree Fresh For Long

  1. Pick A Healthy Tree With Few Brown Needles
    Your first step is to ensure that you get a fresh Christmas tree which has not yet been exposed to drying winds. Slide some branches through your hands and ensure that your needles do not fall off. Then, raise the tree off the ground (only a few inches) and drop it onto the trunk. While it’s fine to lose a few brown needles, too many brown ones may be an indication of drying out.
  2. Trim The Tree’s Trunk
    Once you reach home, consider making a 1-inch cut off the stem. Now, if you are not putting the tree right away, place it in a bucket of hot water. A simple and straight cut will be sufficient. This will cut rid the dried-over resins which might be preventing the tree from absorbing water.
    Store the tree in an unheated area which is well-protected from cold temperatures. When you decide to bring the tree inside, consider making an extra1-inch cut off the stem. Now place it in a well-built stand which has the capacity to hold enough water.
  3. Maintain The Water Level
    Do you know that too little water can cause resin to form over the cut end of your tree’s trunk? Not only can this stop it from absorbing water, but even dry out quickly. Experienced tree surgeons suggest checking the level of water in the stand at least twice a day. Fresh water is enough to keep your Christmas tree alive and fresh for long and no other additive is required.
  4. Keep It Away From All Heat Sources
    It’s true that nothing can enhance the beauty of your interiors more than a beautifully decorated Christmas tree beside your fireplace. However, you need to remember that if you use the fireplace regularly, it will soon dry out the tree. To maintain the freshness of your tree, place it far away from various heat sources like radiators, fireplaces and air ducts.

Now that you have got useful insights from experienced tree surgeons in Richmond, what are you still waiting for? Time to keep up the festive spirit in your home by availing exemplary tree care services!

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