Trees are living beings, and just like every living being, they need the right amount of nutrition and maintenance throughout their life cycle to be healthy. While most people are vigilant towards trees when planting them and taking care of them in the early stages, it is scarce to see people investing in tree surgery in Walton on Thames. Tree surgeries, especially trimming and pruning, are incredibly beneficial and essential for all of your trees.

What benefits can pruning bring?

Tree trimming and pruning are mainly done for three reasons, according to tree surgeons in Surrey. The first is that it is immensely helpful to the health of the tree. Trimming is done to remove infected branches which might damage the tree and also done to lighten the load of the tree. Crowded trees prevent light from getting into the canopy which harms the overall health of the tree. Next, it ensures the safety of the people living around trees. Sometimes, dead and decaying branches can suddenly fall injuring nearby people. The branches can also block pavements or cause accidents if they fall on a road. And lastly, it makes the tree aesthetically pleasing by helping the tree stay in beautiful shape, avoiding unwanted growth. With its necessity listed, here are some tips and techniques that will help you in the process:

  • Younger branches that have newly sprouted are more accessible to remove than old branches which have already become a part of the tree. It is best to target these branched first before moving on to the other parts.
  • Usually, branches which are less than five centimetres in diameter are ideal for the trimming and pruning process. Branches which are five to ten centimetres in diameter aren’t a perfect option if not necessary, and branches which have a diameter of more than ten centimetres should never be taken down without professional advice and help.
  • Fall is one season when decaying bacteria and fungi reproduce rapidly and spread their spores everywhere. This means there is a high risk of infection, and trees have also shown to heal slowly in the fall season. With all this information, you might want to keep your tools away from your trees at this time.
  • The branch collar should not be injured when trimming the branches.
  • Crown pruning is very popular, and most of you are likely to go about it. Tree surgery is quite technical and can yield the opposite results if not done correctly. Take care that the ratio of the living crown to the height of the tree should not be less than two is to three after the pruning process. Also, more than one-fourth of the existing crown should not be reduced at one time.

Summing up, the process can be quite tedious and risky at times. You could be free from all the hassles by choosing a company with a trusted tree surgeon in Epsom, like Roots and shoots, who will take care of the entire process, while you can relax.

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