Now that autumn is here, winter is quickly approaching. But, do you know that winter can really be very tough on your garden? While you may focus only on protecting the delicate shrubs and flowers from wind and frost, giving equal consideration to the garden trees is important. Wondering about the ways to take good care of your yard during winter? Scroll down!

Whether you own a bungalow or a small house, gardens can make all the difference to the appeal of your property. Keeping the trees and the landscape healthy all throughout the year is thus important. And, with the UK experiencing freezing temperatures along with snowfall during winter, special care needs to be taken for protecting your trees in the colder months. Seeking the services of qualified tree surgeons in Guildford can, therefore, be highly beneficial.

Check out the handy guide below to learn what you can do about taking care of your trees in the colder months!

How Can Trees Get Damaged In The Winter?

  • Heavy Rain

Water-saturated soils can make your trees highly unstable and thus if heavy rain is in the forecast, consider it to be bad news. This is because; most uprooted trees are a result of heavy winds and waterlogged soil. Though flooding does not affect dormant trees, they starve oxygen roots when entering active growth. What’s more, heavy rain can even wash away vital nutrients from the soil.

  • Wind Damage

If you have got large trees in your garden, strong winds can worry you. Branches can get damaged, broken or even uproot, causing injury and damage wherever it falls. Remember; unstable or old trees with damaged roots in the waterlogged soil are most likely to suffer in strong winds.

  • Frost And Snow

Regardless of how pretty a snow-covered tree looks, heavy snowfall can spell great disasters for your yard. Even a sudden frost can damage trees which were previously unaccustomed to excess cold. While light frost can harm the delicate flowers in the early flowering trees, hard frost can affect much more than just flowers and buds.

How Can You Protect Your Trees During The Winter?

  1. Plan Early

Qualified surgeons who specialise in offering tree surgery in Guildford recommend planning early for the winter to protect your trees and yard from the cold. Since late-season feeding of nitrogen-rich fertilisers creates soft growth which gets easily damaged by the cold weather, avoid them. Seek the advice of experienced arborists and prevent the soil from becoming saturated.

  1. Wrap It Up

Apply mulch to roots to protect your trees’ roots from excess frost. If you have potted trees, protect them by using bubble wrap around their pots. For trees which are easily targeted by wildlife, wrap strong plastic or cloth. You can even erect a fence around the tree.

  1. Shake It

Wherever practical, simply knock off or shake the trees to decrease the weight on branches. this will even help you prevent snaps and cracks.

Now that you have this handy guide, what are you still thinking of? Seek the expert advice of a reputed tree surgeon and keep your trees protected during the winter!