A majestic tree in your outdoor space not only enhances its beauty but even the property’s value. Though there’s nothing to worry about if there are a few big trees in the garden, you need to stay aware of the risks the roots of these trees pose for your home. When they grow beyond a desirable height, they become a threat to the foundation of your building. If you are willing to get rid of hem without affecting your home, get in touch with some reliable professionals offering tree surgery in Epsom as they are aware of all the risks the roots of a majestic tree can cause.

Why Are Tree Roots Harmful To The Soil?

Even the roots of a small or new tree are powerful enough to harm the soil. They extend continuously in it in search of nutrients and water. The type and speed of these movements are generally dependent on the type of soil in which the tree has been planted. There are generally two types of soil and how tree roots affect them also differ. Since clay soil has a more compact structure, they become densely packed when roots push through them.

Soil comprising of rocks and loose dirt get displaced due to roots’ movement. The type of soil on which your home has been constructed will determine the type of  damage the foundation will suffer. The weather conditions also affect the soil below the tree and the only way to prevent the damages from becoming visible is by taking the aid of experienced landscapers in Epsom. Clay soil will become dry and the roots will shrink during droughts or might expand by absorbing more water during the rainy season.

Damage Of Concrete Foundation

Though it’s true that tree roots are not the only reason behind a damaged foundation, they can bring drastic changes in the soil condition which can damage the foundation. Though there’s nothing to worry about if there is some unsightly concrete settling, you might have to install a new concrete foundation if the damage has become too dangerous.

There are high chances for concrete to shift and crack once they settle which might have a negative impact on the overall structure of your home. It is not only about the concrete foundation but even the support beams can shift, the ceiling can become uneven or the walls might crack. Older homes are more prone to suffer structural damages due to concrete settling.

Prevent Damages Due To Root

The easiest way to stay away from root-related damages is by approaching experienced tree surgeons offering their services in Epsom and surrounding areas. Let the right professionals assess the condition of the majestic trees in your yard and decide whether you need to erect a root barrier. This will prevent the roots from approaching the building’s foundation. If the damages have been drastic, they might get rid of the tree entirely with a tree surgery. This process can be a bit hassle and so letting professionals undertake the task is always a wise thing to do.

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