Everyone with a beautiful lawn or garden outside their house is aware of the importance of the June month. It is during this time when all the vegetables and flowers have been planted in your garden and they have started growing. This does not necessarily mean that your work is done so you can relax.

Every tree surgeon with years of experience will agree to the fact that June is the month when insects generally start feasting on those tasty and juicy leaves. The humidity and heat also increase which makes the condition more suitable for them. The best you can do is take the aid of your tree surgeon or follow a few gardening tips.

4 Gardening Tips You Can Follow This June For Tree Surgery In Woking

  • Start Early

By starting early we just don’t mean that you need to start with your tree surgery when the month starts but also start early in the morning. Check whether the leaves have become dry and accordingly add fertilizers or compost. Tree surgeons in Walton on Thames will check whether there is any sign of nutrient deficiency by assessing the condition of the foliage and leaves. You can also undertake these tasks late in the evening.

  • Don’t Plant Trees

Even if you love planting trees all over the year, June is definitely not the best month to do so. There are high chances that the tree will suffer transplant shock. It is your responsibility to ensure that the condition is suitable for the plants to grow roots and this might be a bit daunting in this hot and dry summer month. The best person to approach regarding this is a tree specialist as they have adequate knowledge about the various tree diseases and the importance of tree surgery.

  • Don’t Plant Too Deep

It is the best time to check that you have not planted the trees too deep as it might hamper its growth. Ensure that the root balls are sitting firmly on the hole’sbottom. If you don’t have much knowledge about gardening, approach an experienced tree surgeon and they will ensure that the depth of the hole is similar to the depth of the root ball. The hole should be filled with original soil after placing the tree in it. Landscapers in Woking ensure that the tree is watered properly as it is necessary to settle the plant.

  • Remove Tags

All tags should be removed from the tree as those can reduce the growth rate of the plant. Ask the professional you have approached for tree surgery in Woking to maintain a record of all the plants in your garden with their date of planting. Unless you are residing in a very windy area, you don’t have to stalk the tree even.

These being said, it’s time to follow the tips stated above and get a beautiful garden with healthy trees even during the month of June.