Most people wh0 have a garden are aware of the fact that maintaining the condition of the trees is more complicated than you think. You need the aid of professionals to perform various tree services and ensure that the property is safe with all the trees healthy. Since winter is knocking at the door, it’s time for them to evaluate the condition of the trees so that it can last for another year. If they notice any warning sign indicating that the health of the trees has deteriorated, just get them looked at by a tree surgeon.

3 Reasons WhyApproaching Tree Surgeons In Richmond Is A Must

  • Dead Wood

Though identifying a dead wood is indeed a daunting task until the spring arrives, it is probably dead wood if large branches with barks start falling off. You can also ask the tree surgeon to take a close look at the branches when spring arrives as there are no signs of growth in dead wood. Though there’s nothing to worry about if you notice a small deadwood branch, remove the tree immediately if more than half of it has been taken up by the dead wood. Ask your tree surgeons in Richmond to plant a new tree near the one which is showing signs of dead wood so that the replacement tree starts growing the moment the affected one is taken down.

  • Widowmaker

If you have severed a branch from a tree in your garden recently but it is still hanging loosely over other branches, the condition is known as widowmaker which is basically a forestry term. Removing such branches immediately is a must as they can suddenly fall on the ground and someone might get killed. The large ones can even damage a property. This is why you need to undertake a tree surgery in Richmond in case of a widowmaker. Since removing a heavy branch is quite a dangerous task, it is better you leave the task to experienced professionals and you don’t have to worry about chainsaw fatalities.

  • Pruning And Planting

Since pruning and planting should be done in a timely manner to ensure the health of your trees, approach a tree surgeon in Richmond for the task as they know the right time to prune them. Summer time should better be avoided as pests can easily infect the cuts in your trees and the chances of diseases increases. The best time to prune unsafe, diseased or dead branches is before they wake up so they can utilise the entire summer month to grow and thrive. Fertilizers should also be applied once the trees start budding out. As far as planting is concerned, you can ensure that the soil has no minerals deficit by getting it analysed before planting the trees.

Since the services offered by a tree surgeon are so important, it’s time you start looking for a reliable professional in Richmond.