Not only do trees provide oxygen but also benefit our environment by improving air quality, conserve water, support wildlife and preserve soil. They create an ecosystem to provide habitat and food for birds and other animals. The numerous trees in our garden offer watershed protection and prevent soil erosion.

Though tree health is so important, diagnosing health problems is indeed quite complicated. Since the focus is always on preventing any sort of tree damage, enhancing your knowledge about the common tree health issues is a must. You can also hire an experienced tree surgeon or landscaper and they will let you know the exact problem and whether you have to remove the tree.

5 Common Tree Health Problems And When You Should Hire Tree Surgeons

  • Encircling Of The Roots

Roots can’t grow normally if there are soil obstructions or trees are planted deeply. There are even a few situations when the planting holes are narrow or the trees are kept in containers for a long duration. When roots can’t grow in a normal pattern, they become clump and encircle the tree. The root system starts growing upwards when trees are planted too deep as they have to struggle to get the necessary oxygen and water.

  • Overgrown Trees

If you want the trees in your garden to be healthy, hire landscapers in Walton on Thames to prune the trees once every year. Not only does it help in removing dead branches but also promote airflow and correct the structure of young trees. Few other benefits of regular pruning are improving the shape, prevent insects and diseases from spreading, clear the structure to maintain your view and help rejuvenate growth.

  • Bad Irrigation

Not everyone is aware of the fact that overwatering your plants can damage them and you have to hire tree surgeons to get rid of the damaged trees. Plants stress when very little or excessive water is used. The impact of excess water conditions is more severe in new plants than established ones. Check professionals to check the irrigation and drainage or plant deciduous trees as they are not quite sensitive to waterlogged soils.

  • Winter Damage

Many people have to opt for tree surgery in Walton on Thames during winter as the cold season often causes winter injuries. Very cold temperature and temperature fluctuations cause low-temperature injuries. The climate changes rapidly. The effect of low temperature on some plant varieties is quite grave, especially the shallow-rooted species. The vascular of trees with hardy specimens can also damage during freezing winter.

  • De-Icing Salt Damage

Few common signs indicating that your trees are suffering dew-icing salt damage is when the leaves burn or become discoloured near the edges, the growth of flower, foliage or fruits become stunned or get delayed, the foliage become discoloured or premature early. Get in touch with tree surgeons and they will let you know which trees are more susceptible to salt damages. The easiest way to shield roots is by spreading gypsum.

Since you are now aware of the common tree health problems, make sure you hire experienced tree surgeons before it’s too late.

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