Small or big? Formal or informal? Compact or bushy? Well, hedges come in various shapes and sizes. They are one of the major parts of British gardening landscape. People prefer hedges over fences since the former is stronger than the latter making them unlikely to topple over even during extreme weather conditions. Moreover, they sometimes act as the horticultural equivalent of native wildlife as they host a number of wildlife. In spite of its advantages, hedges are often headache for the homeowners. However, there are tree surgeons in Guildford to help you happily enjoy your hedges.

Is it wise and legal to Remove Bird’s Nest from the Hedge?

It is not wise and legal to destroy a nest. However, you can do the same if the chicks have already fledged which is likely to take place at the end of May. To avoid getting the broody birds in any distressing situation while getting into any legal obligation, check the hedge closely before trimming it. If you find adult birds to fly back and forth with materials to build nests or hear chirping sounds of the young birds, stay away from damaging the nests at least until the end of the year.

How to avoid Conifers or Bare Patches?

Conifers grow fast. They need special attention to be in check. They are evergreen and thus can be trimmed all through the year. To avoid any ugly patches, don’t trim them beyond new growth. Hedges usually don’t recover while cut back to expose the brown. You may call a professional stump grinding Guildford or a hedge cutter to take care of this.

Can the Hedges be given an ASBO (anti-social behaviour order)?

Yes, it is possible. Hedges often cause ill-feeling among neighbourhoods. Tall hedges block sunlight. They also restrict views. Overgrown hedges encroaching roadside or pavement can be really annoying. Neighbours can ask for reducing the density and height of the hedge if it is obscuring their reasonable enjoyment of the garden or home. In case the local authority thinks your hedges to be unruly or unsuitably large, and if you don’t act accordingly, you may face an ASBO.

How to trim the Hedges?

Regular hedge trimming is always needed. You can do it with well-oiled, sharp tools while taking care of yourself with gardening gloves and goggles. Handheld shears are good enough to whip smaller hedges into proper shape. However, you can always hire local Tree surgeon in Guildford if you own large hedges. The professionals used to use petrol or electric trimmers to trim the hedges. Besides, different types of hedges need different kinds of care. Let’s find some of them.

  • Flowing Hedges – You can trim them once the flowering season is over.
  • Conifer Hedges – Pruning them is wise twice to thrice every year. But don’t prune them after August.
  • Fast growing Hedges – Trim them once in every 4 to 6 weeks. Trim the top to be narrower than base so light can get to the bottom of the hedge as well.
  • Slow growing Hedges – Trim them twice to thrice every year.

Maintaining hedges is undoubtedly a big job. So if you are running short of time, call a professional to take care of your hedge.