Usually, the trees in the community and urban settings go dormant at the onset of chilly winter months.They need special care before as well as during the colder months to ensure being in top health. Being a homeowner, you can take needed measures right from the inception of winter to help your trees survive successfully through the potentially harsh weather conditions. Maintaining good health for your trees by means of tree surgery in Guildford and other measures is not so difficult, yet a bit tricky. All it requires you to follow some useful tips to prepare the urban trees for the looming winter season.

  • Wrap the Trunks – Thin barked trees such as maple, linden and honeylocust are very likely to sun scald as well as frost cracks. This takes place mainly because of the drastic and extreme winter temperature fluctuations. If you want to save the trees from bark damage, protect the trunks of the young trees up to first branches with the help of a commercial tree wrap. And let them be wrapped up to April.
  • Apply Mulch to the Base – You need to apply at least 2 to 4 inches of bark, wood chips as well as other organic mulch at the base of the trees. But don’t apply it against the base to ensure reduced soil evaporation as well as improved water absorption. It also works to provide insulation against the temperature extremes.  Check your respective community recycling programme. You may find some to provide wood chips for free.
  • Prune when the Trees are in Dormant Condition –Later winter months are the perfect time for pruning trees as suggested by leading tree surgeons in Guildford. Most tree species can be best pruned during this time of the year. However, you can do it anytime when the trees are in dormant condition over the winter season. The key reason for pruning is to eliminate the dead tree branches while improving the tree form. Don’t forget to prune the trees outside branch collar; this is the point where the branch gets connected to a larger one. But you must not remove any branch without proper and good reason.
  • Recycle the Leaves – Most people dispose of autumn leaves. But it shouldn’t be done. Better you layer them around the base of the trees as mulch. You can also blend them into yard with a good mulching mower to let them retain needed nutrients.
  • Provide Good Drink for them –Before you store the garden hose for the cold winter season, water the trees adequately in the areas from outside the trunk up to the extent of longest branches. Stay slow while watering the trees. Use a soaker hose or a sprinkler at a rate of 10 gallons per inch of the diameter of the tree.
  • Take care of Young Trees –Since they have less-extensive root system, they need the most and coziest care.  

Remember that urban as well as other planted trees usually need extra and regular watering especially during the winter season. During extended dry period, you may need to provide even more water as prescribed by the Tree surgeon in Guildford. Warmer winter days are the best for winter watering the plant as during these days,the snow melts off and temperature remains on the higher side.