Though there are numerous tree surgeons scattered all over Woking, make sure that the one you are approaching is indeed reliable, trained and have experience in undertaking similar tree surgery projects earlier. If you are hiring one for the first time, there are a few qualities and signs you need to consider and few you should avoid. After all, hiring these professionals is an investment for you and so it is always advisable to use your time wisely and take a wise decision.

8 Things To Look For In Your Tree Surgeon In Woking

  • If the tree you are willing to cut has a TPO or Tree Observation Order, look for a tree surgeon who will arrange the necessary permission to work on the tree.
  • The company you are approaching should have a valid landline number and permanent address.
  • If the company or the professional is claiming to offer insurance on their work, ask them to provide you with a written copy.
  • Hire landscapers in Woking who work according to the British standards and you can have complete peace of mind.
  • The qualification of the professionals you are hiring is also quite important as you can check whether they have a technician certificate in Arboriculture or has undergone a professional diploma.
  • Ask your friends and family for recommendations, testimonials or references as these are something which can never be forged.
  • Obtain written quotes from few of the professionals and approach one whose fees seem reasonable.
  • Stay away from those who can’t accurately answer your queries regarding tree surgery in Woking.

4 Things To Look For All The Day Of The Tree Surgery

  • The company should provide at least two professionals so that one can stay on the ground while the other engages in climbing operations.
  • It is their responsibility to erect appropriate signs and cones if the trees they are working on are beside some busy roads or working roadside.
  • The tree surgeons in Woking you have hired should wear appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) which includes a helmet with ear protection and visor, chainsaw trousers and chainsaw boots.
  • They should wear an appropriate harness and rope instead of the full body harness which is generally not required by tree surgeons.

Few Things To Avoid When Looking For Tree Surgeons

  • Both topping and looping can damage the tree they are working on and so look for one who doesn’t use such phases.
  • If they are staying far away from your location as these professionals generally charge a bit high.
  • Surgeons who promote their mobile number instead of their landline number as the former can be disposed of more easily.

Since you are now aware of the qualities and features you need to look for in the tree surgeon you are hiring and those you need to avoid, it’s time you start looking for the right professional and enhance the quality of the trees in your outdoor space.