Did you notice one or more of your trees looking a little unhealthy when scrolling through the yard? Well, diagnosing your sick tree at the earliest is important since it can kill other foliage in the surrounding, leaving your lawn treeless. Wondering how to recognise a diseased tree and save it? Simply check out the handy guide below to follow the advice of skilled tree surgeons in Walton on Thames.

Beautiful, healthy trees have the great ability to adapt and survive, whilst withstanding adverse weather conditions and the harshest of elements. But, just because they are strong and big, it doesn’t mean they do not require attention. Like any other living thing, even they get sick and can die. Checking the health of every tree on your property is thus important. But, how do you determine if a tree is diseased?

Here’s all you need to know about recognising a diseased tree and the treatment they need.

Signs A Tree Is Diseased

There are numerous common symptoms of sickness which you can watch out for to assess if your tree needs any help. Once you recognise the need for treatment, it’s just a matter of diagnosing and seeking reliable tree surgery in Walton on Thames. Some warning signs which indicate your trees are diseased –

  • Dead branches
  • Too much leaning or an odd shape
  • Root decay- evidence of fungus in the roots or broken roots
  • Fungus spores in the bark of trees
  • Defoliation – trees losing leaves at a time when they shouldn’t
  • Weak joints or unions
  • Dead areas or discoloured blotches on the leaves, also known as leaf blight
  • Decay- soft or fungus, crumbly wood
  • Cankers and cracks – deep splits in the holes where the bark is missing
  • Deadwood tree

Treating A Diseased Tree

A diseased tree cannot be treated effectively unless you identify the pest or disease which is affecting it. Once determined, there are few fungicides which can be used for controlling the diseases on shrubs and trees. Some of the other methods which help in reducing diseases are fertilisation, pruning or changing watering habits. However, it is always best to speak to professional landscapers in Walton on Thames since they can provide valuable advice on the best treatments.

Tips To Keep Your Tree Healthy

Just like any human disease, avoiding it completely is preferable to treating it. A healthy tree is more disease-resistant and following a few simple steps is needed to ensure your trees remain in good condition. These steps include-

  • Ensure you water your trees during drought since roots move up towards the top of the ground in the hunt for water, weakening the structure of the root
  • Leave a little space around the trunk when mulching to avoid rotting the wood and let it breathe
  • Avoid putting any weed fertiliser on the grassland anywhere the roots of the tree
  • Follow proper pruning practices since even a wrong cut can leave the tree susceptible to diseases.

Time to approach a leading tree surgeon!