Professionals practising tree surgery in Guildford address these myths below and give you the reasons why you should stop believing in them.

Reasons for You to Stop Believing in the Following Myths about Trees

  • Trees Break Things

Many people are prone to believing that as a tree grows, its bark and limbs tend to collide into things and break them. It has to be understood, however, that local municipalities make sure that the appendages and the bark of the tree do not grow into colliding with things.They call in tree surgeons in Epsom from time to time in order to see to the fact that everything is perfectly trimmed so that the local populace and their possessions are in no physical danger from the tree.

  • Water is All That a Tree Needs

Another thing that everyone thinks to be true is that supplying a tree with enough water will make sure that all problems are kept at bay. This, of course, holds true to some extent, but you also should make sure that you don’t drown a tree while trying to save it from drought. Tree surgeons in Walton-on-Thames always ask their clients to ensure that they are putting in only the amount of water required and no more. If this is not taken care of,then the water poses the risk of being harmful to the tree.

  • Tree Roots Damage Pavements

Roots of trees are quite often blamed for being detrimental to pavements. What needs to be realised is that trees are not the culprit behind this at all. The reason behind cracking pavements is the fact that the same design is used regardless of the soil beneath it. This anomaly leads to the cracking of the pavements and tree roots get the blame for it.

  • Claiming the Ownership of a Nearby Tree

Just because a tree is by your house does not mean that you are in charge of caring for it. It is, in fact, the municipality that looks after all trees in their area, and you should first consult with them before you take upon the mantle of caring for and looking after a tree that happens to be close to your house.

These are some of the myths that you would much rather keep yourself away from believing. The facts need to be appreciated for what they are and not what people have been led to believe. No matter how long one keeps on saying a lie, it should never be moulded into the truth in the minds of the people who hear it.