One of the things that just cannot be avoided when you purchase a property is the open electrical wires that run overhead. However, the thing that you must always bear in mind with these wires are that if there is a tree growing close to them, a mishap is just waiting around the corner. Tree surgeons in Woking are certainly no strangers to facing situations wherein they have had to bail out their clients from an untoward moment where the combination of trees and live wires has caused havoc. Having said that, discussed in detail below are the problematic issues that can ‘stem’ from having a growing tree close to power lines on your property.

What are the Problems on Offer with a Tree and Livewire Close to Each Other?

  • Fire Situations

One of the biggest worries that should always be on your mind is the threat of fires emanating from trees and powerlines being close to each other. The current that runs through these wires can jump from the wires to the tree and lead to a fire. These fires are usually quite untameable and take a lot of effort on the part of tree surgeons in Epsom to bring under control. Needless to say, your property is most definitely going to be a tree short should a fire start due to an electrical wire being close to it. In simpler terms, an accident is just around the corner if you happen to have a tree and livewire in close proximity on your property.

  • Wildlife

Another thing that needs to be on your mind when you have a tree close to an electrical wire is that the animals and birds that make their home in the tree will eventually end up chewing on the wire at some point of time. The biggest issue that can happen as a result of this is that the electricity supply in your area can be disrupted and there can be a power outage. The poor creatures can also sustain injury or even death as aresult. Additionally, as electricity is involved in the situation, there isalways the looming threat of fires starting when the wires get exposed.

  • Live Current

Many people make the mistake of assuming that if an electrical wire gets cut, the electricity running through it ceases.  This is not the case, however, and you need to be extra careful if a wire closeto a tree snaps. Make sure that you call in the local electrician to check and see if the power is still running through the wire or not, and once you have done this you can move on and call in professionals who do tree surgery in Walton-on-Thames to make sure that the tree is safe.

There you have it! These are some of the issues that can crop up if you happen to have a tree and an electrical wire in close proximity. Prevention is better than cure; so you should ensure that you have all the bases covered as far as this potentially dangerous situation is concerned.