Autumn is the most magical and enchanted time of the year! Be it the noise of leaves crackling across a pavement and the thrill of walking down a path carpeted in crimson leaves, there’s so much to love about this season. Wondering how to make the most of this beautiful season and welcome autumn? Adding a dash of colour to your garden can be your most informed decision!

Now is the time when you should enjoy the beauty of the outdoors before the winter sets in. This is because; there’s nothing more beautiful than a garden awash with the rich and colourful tones of autumn. The glowing green leaves of your trees are replaced with rusty browns, golden yellow and ravishing reds. And, experienced landscapers in Walton on Thames recommend garden-lovers to dress their plants and trees to make the most of this season!

Below are some of the most ravishing ways you can make your garden beautiful this season!

From Qualified Tree Surgeons in Walton on Thames: Fantastic Ways to Add Autumn Colour To Your Garden

  1. Opt For Cotoneasters

Cotoneasters are shrubs which grow tight clusters of red and orange berries. These shiny gem-like berries can last through the autumn season until they are eaten by starving birds in the winter. These shrubs are available in a wide range of varieties and can spruce up any garden. When grown at the front of borders or trained to grow up a fence or wall, they look very lovely.

  1. Let Maidenhair Tree Weave Its Magic!

Do you a space in your garden which you wish to fill? NTPC qualified tree surgeons in Walton on Thames suggest planting this beautiful tree. When taken adequate care, they can grow up to 35 metres, thus making the tree suitable only for spacious gardens. The leaves of these trees turn to bright golden yellow in the autumn and look very stunning in the October sunshine. Regardless of the soil type, these trees can live remarkable long.

  1. Get The Japanese Maple

The Japanese Maple comes with vivid and beautiful leaves which grow almost in the late autumn sunshine. The fact that these trees are ideal for small gardens makes them popular among garden owners. Though this beautiful tree works well in containers too, you should be careful of watering the containerised trees adequately throughout the growing season. With numerous varieties of plants to choose from, you can easily choose from sophisticated purples, glowing yellow and vibrant oranges.

  1. Choose The Rowan Tree

Planting the Classic Rowan Tree in your garden can be a great way to add some native charm. Also known as Mountain Ash, the ruby red berries of this tree can add a glowing highlight to your landscape and even nourish the hungry birds. According to folklore and mythology, Rowan trees were originally bought for protecting properties and their inhabitants from enchantment. However, you can plant these trees just for enjoying the beautiful autumn tones.

So what are you still thinking of? Seek reliable tree surgery in Walton on Thames and enhance the beauty of your garden!