Trees are responsible for producing oxygen and clean the air. They also absorb carbon dioxide which helps in reducing the overall concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. No wonder, they have become an integral part of urban landscaping. They act as a natural air-conditioner.

You can reap all the benefits offered by a tree if it is healthy. Since road salt and other factors can damage trees in winter, hire tree surgeons at the right time to assess their condition. The majority of them have years of experience in the industry and know how to maintain the optimal health of trees. This helps in avoiding an irreversible problem in the long run.

4 Ways Tree Surgeons Assess The Health Of A Tree

  • One Central Tree Trunk Is Visible

The central trunk not only renders the tree an aesthetic straight appearance but the tree’s structure also gets a lot of stability. Tree surgeons inspect the trunk minutely to ensure that there is only one main trunk. Having more than one trunk is an indication sign that it has suffered some sort of split and further investigation is required. How should the central trunk look is dependent on the type of tree you are examining.

  • Tree Growth

A healthy tree will produce new growth in its trunks and branches. Consistent tree growth is one of the signs of a healthy tree. Just a visual inspection isn’t sufficient. Measure the buds from year to year to ensure that the growth is accurate. Beware of scarring on the branches and get in touch with tree surgeons in Leatherhead the moment you notice one. They know that the growth pattern of each tree differs.

  • Sturdy Bark

It is not only about the central tree trunk, having a sturdy bark is equally important. Unless you have a birch or maple tree, get in touch with tree surgeons in Guildford if you notice the bark peeling away from the tree. A sturdy bark can easily resist manual peeling. Let the landscaper and tree surgeon conduct some gentle testing and look for signs of fungi, holes or cracks. Sturdy barks also render trees a healthy complexion.

  • Appearance

A healthy tree will always render a full appearance, devoid of any dead or broken branches. All these are common signs of underlying health issues. Limbs and branches of dead trees often become a place of comfort for germs, insect and bacteria. Opt for tree pruning and remove broken branches as soon as possible if you want to stop the infection from spreading.

Since tree surgeons can assess the health of a tree in so many ways, it’s time you start looking for a reliable professional in Guildford.