Can anything beat the beauty of having a real cut pine Christmas tree in your home over the winter season? Well, the overall look and smell of a beautiful Christmas tree is something which just cannot be matched by even expensive artificial counterpart. Wondering about the ways you can keep your tree looking fresh for the entire festive season? Check out the handy guide below!

With Christmas being just a few weeks away, it is time you start decorating your home. And, the first step to making your house look festive during this time of the year is getting the perfect Christmas tree. Whether you want a Christmas tree as your centre piece or prefer one which doesn’t leave too many pine needles around the living room, choosing a spectacular Christmas tree can be a great way to get into the festive spirit.  

Here’re a few tips to help you enjoy your Christmas tree for the years to come!

From the Best Tree surgeons in Leatherhead: Tips to Choose A Beautiful Christmas Tree

  1. Choose A Tree Varietal Which Meets Your Needs

An eminent tree surgeon in Leatherhead believes that with proper care, Christmas trees can last about for a month. Spruce, fir and cypress trees usually hold their needles for the longest time. So, if you wish to get in the holiday spirit, choosing such varieties is always recommended.

  • Verify If The Tree Is Healthy

A great way to determine the quality and health of trees is to take a branch and pull it towards you gently. In case too many pine needles fall off, consider it as a sign of quick drying. Never choose such trees since they won’t be able to survive the entire holiday season.

  • Check The Colour

Are there too many brown or piles of needles around the tree? Consider it as a warning sign and look for another tree.

Tips To Set Up A Christmas Tree

  1. Ensure The Tree Does Not Dry Out Before You Bring It Home

Once you have selected a tree,experienced tree surgeons in Leatherhead suggest you to keep it damp on the ride to home by wrapping the base in a wet towel. In case it’s a short ride home, this won’t be necessary. 

  • Cut Off A Few Inches From The Base

Cutting off a few inches helps if any sap has covered the pores. This helps in ensuring that the tree has the ability to absorb moisture effectively.

  • Choose A Fitting Tree Stand

Ensure you select a tree stand which can hold enough water and fits around the trunk with enough room to spare. Never carve away any of the exterior bark for fitting it in the stand. Remember; this is the most porous part of the trunk. 

Now that you are aware of these useful tips, what are you still here for? Seek professional tree surgery in Leatherhead and bring home the most beautiful Christmas tree!