People often get confused and worried what to do with the protected trees. Urban legends and myths have contributed a lot to make people being scared about tree restriction legislation. They are literally afraid of any tree-related work. They are, in fact, scared of the huge amount of red-tape and heartache. But this doesn’t happen in most cases. Things are not always like this. Tree surgeons in Epsom are the best to take care of your worries while completing the needed task.

How to Deal with the Tree Legislation

To ensure a great dealing with the tree legislation regulations, it is good to work with a reputed tree surgeon. Reliable and reputed tree surgeons are the best to deal with Tree Preservation orders as well as other related restrictions. They, in most cases, have years of experience in dealing with such issues successfully. And this has made them experts at dealing with any kind of red-tape. All you need to let them know your requirements and mention the trees you want them to work on. They will take care of the rest leaving you relaxed with your life.

If tree surgery Walton on Thames is really required to remove or alter a tree for some good reason, protection legislation won’t stop you to work on the tree. In fact, there restrictions and protection orders requires you to ask due permission before you start working. A reputed tree surgeon would help you put a reasonable case forwards to carry out the planned job of tree removal.

But you must ensure that the work on the tree is categorised as topping, cutting down, uprooting, lopping, wilful destruction or damage of the tree. Even removal of an overhanging branch of the tree is classified as ‘work’. So you should check whether or not the tree is protected prior to getting out the loppers. If you dare to ignore the restrictions, you may face criminal penalties.

Types of Tree Restrictions

There are mainly four distinct types of tree restrictions and here they are.

  • Orders for Tree Preservation – If you want to work on a tree under the protection of a Tree Preservation order, you need to submit the particular form to local council. Besides, you need to submit the exact drawing of planned work. It would take around 8 weeks from the date of submission to hear from the authority, be it an approval or a denial.


  • Order for Conservation – If you want to work in any conservation area, just submit the work notice and wait for 6 weeks to hear the objection, if any. And if you don’t hear any objection within that period, freely carry out the works described in your notice.


  • New Development Restrictions – If you are living in a new development, you might face limitations on hedge and/or tree removal. Restriction on new developments needs a detailed submission that might take 10 weeks for getting approval.


  • Covenants – These are likely to be detailed in the property deeds and might restrict property owners to whether or not the hedges can be eliminated without proper replacement. Restriction on spread and height of hedges and trees may also be imposed. Spend some time to make yourself familiarise with the obligations within the property deeds.

As it comes to working on protected trees, hire a Tree surgeon Woking to take care of your issues related to protected tree removal. Make sure you deal with a reputed, experienced and reliable professional to complete the job successfully.