Though it is true that your outdoors require very little work during winter, you can reap numerous benefits by hiring tree surgeons. In fact, winter is considered to be the best time for tree trimming.

4 Reasons To Hire Tree Surgeons In Winter For Tree Trimming

  • Trees Are Dormant

Though you can trim trees throughout the year, winter is often considered to be the best time for tree trimming as they are in a dormant state. They consume sunlight which is transformed into usable energy through the process of photosynthesis. They have to work really hard during summer and spring to grow and produce flowers, fruits and leaves. All these activities stop during winter as the trees become dormant. Since there are no competing activities, dormancy is the ideal time for tree trimming.

  • Protected From Diseases

Not only is it easy for landscapers in Walton on Thames to trim trees during winter but the weather also keeps your trees protected after trimming. The cut in the trees does not increase the chances of infection as pests are also dormant during winter. They can’t enter the tree through the wounds or develop diseases. There are fewer chances for fungi, bacteria or insects to infect a tree if you trim it in winter. You can also talk with your landscapers and start your winter-protection strategy from the growing season.

  • Stimulate Growth

Since spring is just around the corner, trimming the trees during winter will stimulate their growth. The dead, diseased, dying and twisted branches are removed so the energy derived from photosynthesis is not wasted on those dead branches. The tree will look more lively and fresh if all the energy goes to the healthy branches. Hiring tree surgeon in Epsom for trimming the trees will make them ready for prolific growth during spring. They can produce flowers, fruits and leaves more vigorously and abundantly.

  • Branches Are More Visible

If the chilled temperature has made you too hesitant to go to your yard and perform tree trimming maintenance, start looking for experienced tree surgeons. They have years of experience and know how to trim the trees easily during winter. The structure and shape of your tree is easily visible as there is no foliage. Tree surgeons can spot the diseased or dead branches before removing them. If they notice that any of the branches are growing against the tree’s overall growth pattern, they can trim those branches.

Since there are so many benefits of trimming trees during winter, it’s time you start looking for skilled tree surgeons in Leatherhead offering their services at competitive prices.

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