Hiring tree surgeons to take care of the trees in your garden is a good investment. You will be surprised to know that some trees can live for hundreds of years with proper tree maintenance. Though you try a DIY, only experienced professionals know which trees require maintenance seasonally and which require maintenance once a year. If you want to keep the trees healthy for years to come, proper tree care is a must.

Willing To Enhance Your Trees’ Lifespan? 4 Tips To Follow

  • Consider Its Surrounding

The environment is the primary thing you need to consider if you want a healthy tree. Check the type of climate experienced in your city and the type of soil. There are some trees which grow well under direct sunlight while others require partial shade. The type of tree you can plant in your garden is dependent on all these factors. If you don’t have prior experience in planting trees, get in touch with tree surgeons in Leatherhead to inspect the property before advising on the type of trees you should plant.

  • Treat Newly Planted Trees With Care

The primary difference between older trees and newly planted trees is that the latter requires more care. People living in windy areas have to install wind barriers to keep young trees protected. Stalk them only when necessary as trees which are not stalked grow stronger. Water them daily until two weeks after planting and once every 2 to 3 days from 3rd to 12th weeks. They should get consistent watering until the root system establishes.

  • Prune Them

Every professional offering tree surgery in Walton on Thames is aware of the importance of regular pruning. They assess the species of a tree before suggesting how much pruning they require. A majority of the trees require pruning yearly and winter is considered to be the best time to prune them. Not only is the tree dormant during the cold season but even the disease-causing fungal spores. Regular pruning will help you get rid of the diseased and damaged branches without any delay.

  • Keep Away Animals

Unless you have installed residential fences, keeping the trees in your garden protected from animals will be entirely your responsibility. Wild animals start looking for trees when food is scarce. Animals like deer, squirrels, racoons and bears can scratch and chew the barks, thus damaging the trees. The easiest way to scare away wild animals is by using repellents.

These being said, it’s time to follow the tips stated above and enhancing the life of the trees in your house will become easier.

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