The easiest way to maintain the health and visual appeal of the trees in your garden is with proper trimming and pruning. Though you can try a DIY approach instead of hiring professionals just to save a few pounds, make sure you have prior experience in trimming and pruning trees.The easiest way to differentiate the facts from the myths is by enhancing your knowledge about these services.

Facts v/s Myths

Both trimming and pruning are a vital part of landscaping services. While trimming is required for shrubs and hedges, trees and shrubs require pruning. Unless you learn how to differentiate between these two services, you can’t make the most of them. There are numerous tree surgeons scattered all over the Walton on Thames, look for someone experienced as they can help you debunk some of the common myths surrounding trimming and pruning.

4 Common Myths About Trimming And Pruning Of Trees In Walton On Thames

  • “Pruning Is A Waste Of Time And Money”

This is nothing more than a myth as pruning helps in maintaining the proper shape of your trees. Unless you can remove the over-vigorous branch growth and water sprouts at the right time, it can become a challenge to encourage a healthy form and structure of your trees. Pruning is necessary to guide the growth of your trees.

  • “Avoid Trimming Trees In Summer”

This is a very old superstition which people need to debunk as soon as possible. The fact is just the opposite. Trimming the trees in summer will help it to grow healthy as you are removing the dying and dead branches. The limbs will become healthier as they are getting more nutrients because the necessary branches have been removed. Summer is also treated to be the best time to control the growth of suckers and water sprouts as they grow vigorously during this season.

  • “Tree Topping Is Very Effective”

If you are one of the people who thinks that you can opt for tree topping instead of trimming and pruning, it’s high time you debunk the myth. Experienced tree surgeons in Walton on Thames are aware of the fact that tree topping is a lot more harmful than tree owners think. It can weaken the structure of the tree, leading to wounds and making them susceptible to fungus, pests, decay and diseases. They also become vulnerable to sun damages and can make the tree unhealthy and unattractive.

  • “Trimming The Trees At The Wrong Time Can Kill It”

Though following an improper timing schedule to trim the trees is not advisable and can have a negative impact on their health, it does not necessarily mean that trimming them at the wrong time of the year will kill them. The best is to get in touch with professionals offering tree surgery in Walton on Thames and they will advise you which season will help your trees to heal properly after trimming.

Since there are numerous myths regarding these services on the internet which can turn out to be potentially harmful for the health of your trees, it’s time you debunk them and hire reliable tree surgeons.