The harsh winter months can take a toll on your lawn. Not only does it affect your flora, the freezing temperatures and layers of snow also prevent you from maintaining the garden. Just as the snow starts melting, it is the perfect time to prepare your garden to bring it back to life. You must start early to ensure that your garden is ready to bloom as the time comes. If you are confused about where to start, here are some steps to incorporate in your routine.

It is best to start with the inspection and basic cleanup of the lawn

The winter months have frequent storms which might damage the lawn. You will find a lot of debris and broken branches accumulated in the landscape. Professional landscapers in Walton on the Thames can inspect your garden for the areas that need work and help you plan accordingly. The next step includes clearing all the unnecessary items. Debris removal followed by removal of chunky branches stuck in awkward places is an excellent way to start. After a majority of clutter is out of the way, the next step is raking. It will ensure that the fallen and leftovers leave along with pines and acorns are out of the way.

Starting of spring is the perfect time to prune your trees and shrubs

Trees make up a good part of your landscape. Keeping them healthy as well as good looking should be a priority on your spring checklist. According to the tree surgeons in Walton on the Thames, this is the best time to do so. Getting rid of dead or infected branches ensures the health of the tree. Crown reductions also contribute to the overall health and the aesthetic of trees. Pruning also eliminates the possibilities of limbs falling and injuring you, making your lawn safer.

Shrubs also need regular pruning to check wild growth and keep up a good shape. And lastly, don’t forget to edge your lawn in addition to mowing it.

After this has been taken care of, there are some other productive jobs like:

  • Preparing the flower beds and the greenhouse.
  • Adding herbicides if you aren’t seeding the grass.
  • Adding some fresh mulch.
  • Providing nutrients to the soil in the form of fertilizers.
  • Buying seeds or seedlings of flowering plants that will prosper in the summer.

For someone who can’t dedicate a lot of time into landscaping, it is a tedious job. That is why most people like to call in for professional help. It makes the task much more comfortable and practical as you may end up causing more harm than good. On the other hand, you can see an immediate difference in your lawn when it is done professionally.