If you think that tree trimming is an easy task, it’s time you think again. Though a couple of chainsaws and ladders can make the task easy, you need to craft a strategy which will help you complete the task like a professional. In fact, tree trimming is considered to be one of the most dangerous household tasks which can result in injury if not performed correctly. This is why hiring experienced tree surgeons instead of trying a DIY project is highly advisable. Not only are they aware of the common tree trimming mistakes homeowners generally make but also knows how to avoid those with a few tips and techniques.

Ensure Your Trees’ Health By Avoiding The Common Tree Trimming Mistakes

  • Tree Lopping

Tree lopping is basically the method through which the branch is cut from some other place rather than the node or the union. Even if they are effective for dense hedges, it should never be tried on branches. They create watershoots or tiny branches which stick up and are not as sturdy as the rest of the tree. If you are willing to enhance the beauty of the trees in your ward, hire landscapers in Walton on Thames instead of opting for tree lopping.

  • Over Sawing

If you think that over-sawing the trees will help in maintaining its health for a longer period of time, it’s high time you debunk the myth. Though getting rid of the broken and dead branches and tree limbs are important to ensure the aesthetics and health of your trees, over-sawing them is not advisable. There will be higher chances for you to remove the thriving and healthy branches as well. The health and system of your trees are largely dependent on its limbs and leaves. Removing them can stun the trees’ growth.

  • Rapid Tree Pruning

Experienced tree surgeons in Walton on Thames will agree with the fact that proper tree trimming is never easy. You can expect healthy re-growth only if you know how and when the extra branches should be trimmed. Cutting a tree the wrong way will make it loose its strength really quick. If the tree collar is removed, it will take a long time for it to heal. Insects and diseases can easily invade and grow in those gaps. Not only should you know the right tree trimming method but also the right time to do so.

  • Tree Topping

Tree topping is one of the techniques which will do more harm to the trees in your yard than good. Homeowners think that removing the crown or the top of the tree will help in getting rid of the unwanted branches and leaves. Not only does this prevent the vertical growth of the tree but also have a negative impact on its entire health. The branches also start growing outwardly and its blooms and leaf production gets limited. The tree also becomes vulnerable to diseases and pests.

Since you are now aware of the common tree trimming mistakes, try to hire reliable tree surgeons so that you can avoid those.