Do you see your company as a leading tree surgery company five years down the line? Looking for effective ways to grow your tree service business? Keeping up with the latest tree care industry trends can be the key to escalate your business to new heights. Trust us; thinking ahead, far ahead can make you the best and most successful tree surgeon in Leatherhead.

Industry experts believe that arborists need to take a 360-degree outlook to grow and set apart their business. 2019 is the year when tree care business owners need to get back to the basics for ensuring the business is ready to make the most of the year. From building a team you can count on and having a strong online presence to adjusting your digital marketing continuously and looking for efficiency opportunities, you need to take a holistic approach across all areas.

Listed below are a few up-to-date trends you must be prepared for this year.

Latest Business Trends Every Tree Surgeon in Leatherhead Must Focus On In 2019

  1. Develop Policies To Keep Your Business & Team Safe

If you haven’t yet created policies or developed procedures to keep your business protected, it’s time to make that happen. This can be done by tracking the process of quotations, scheduling the service and performing the work. You need to ensure that every quote given by you is turned into a signed contract before it makes onto your schedule.

Once your crew is on site to perform the work, they should click photos of the pre-existing damage on site so that you are not blamed later on. Another great way to protect your tree care business is through formal safety programs. Ensure you have the necessary safety supplies and proper training to perform tree surgery.

  • Ensure You Can Be Found Where People Want To Find You

When it comes to marketing, the most important thing for small businesses is being found where potential customers are looking for youand businesses similar to yours. Make sure you have the basics covered with – a Google My Business account with local information, the services you offer and a Facebook page with the location info filled in. Remember; once you have the basics covered, you will not need anything else.

  • Boost Your Paid Marketing Game In The Digital Space

In 2019, Google is coming out with a tool which will becomemore widespread – local service ads. At the very top of the page, you will be able to see the best three or four arborists in your area who can be hired directly from Google. Since it is built with entrepreneurs in mind, it eliminates Google Ads management time.

While Google AdWords was the largest digital advertising platform for a long period of time, Facebook started outpacing all other ads platform ever since it unleashed its new advertising platform. Even studies reveal that people are spending more on Facebook ads than that of Google mobile ads.

  • Invest In Your Business Now For A Bright Future

The year 2019 is a dynamic year for tree care business owners to invest in the growth of their company. It is the ideal time to participate in professional development and workshops for learning ways to manage business growth effectively and profitably. Investing in advanced machinery and embracing new technology now can help you get a competitive edge over your competitors.

Now that you are aware of the newest trends in the tree care industry, what are you still waiting for? Time to build a successful tree care business and emerge as the best tree surgeon in Leatherhead!