With butterflies all aflutter and the trees in full leaf, the summer season is finally here! But, are you perplexed about the ways to create and maintain a healthy landscape during the hot summer months? No worries! All you need to do is check out the valuable advice shared by qualified tree surgeons in Woking on how to maintain the plants in your garden this summer.

No matter where you live a beautiful garden makes for a beautiful home. And, with summer being an exciting season for gardening, keeping your garden thriving all throughout summer can be a great way to beautify your outdoor space. But, with the rising temperature and the scorching sun, how do you keep your plants perky and keep your garden blooming?

Here’re a few useful tips to help you maintain your garden.

From The Best Tree Surgeons: Tips To Keep Your Garden Blossoming All Summer 

  1. Tidy Up Spring Bulbs

Skilled landscapers in Walton on Thames advise homeowners to snip off the tip of your daffodils and ensure you leave the stalk to die down along with the leaves. This will enable the flowering plants to develop strength for the next year. Regular watering can benefit the bulb. While more bulbs can be planted in autumn, ensure that snowdrops are planted in late winter.

  • Consider Bedding Plants & Container

Remove the dead plants and clear the space for planting fresh colourful annuals. It is safe to plant bedding plants by the end of May. Ensure you choose plants which are heat-friendly and very favorable to this weather. Experts suggest using large containers wherever possible bedding plants in pots and hanging baskets. Choosing plants in larger pots can even fill in empty areas more quickly.

  • Plant Shrubs & Trees

Tree surgeons with vast experience in offering professional tree surgery in Leatherhead suggest that planting shrubs and trees can be the key to keeping your garden thriving in summer. When you plant shrubs and trees like rhododendrons, plum trees, camellias for a succession of flowering all throughout the year, you can be assured of a beautiful landscape.

  • Clear Out The Composite

Summer is the ideal time to give your composite a good sort out. Remove rotted materials to use on vegetable and flower beds and mix up the rest. Ensure you keep a good mixture of carbon and nitrogen when adding to the heap.

Time to approach leading tree surgeons and keep your garden as bright and sunny as the weather!

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