Autumn will soon be upon us once again. The evenings are gradually drawing, the leaves will start changing their colour and the winter season is fast approaching. So, what should garden owners all over the UK look forward to in this time of the year? Preparing the garden for the colder months ahead, of course!

Whether you have a big garden or a small one, autumn can be one of the busiest times for you as a gardener. At first, the decayed vegetation of the bygone summer needs to be cleared away. Next, you have to start preparing your trees for the winter season ahead. And, experienced tree surgeons in Guildford believe that as the temperature drops and the days get shorter, you will have to pay extra attention to your trees.

Below are a few tree care tips from the experts for every garden owner!

From Qualified Tree Surgeons In Guildford: Useful Tree Care Tips For The Autumn

  1. Start Pruning For The Winter

Before the cold really sets in to clean up overgrowth, use this time for cleaning up the overgrowth and plan for the winter season. Pruning your trees now will help you ensure a beautiful winter garden.And, approaching professional tree surgeons in Weybridge can be the ideal way to get your trees pruned.

  1. Inspect Your Trees Thoroughly

With the winter storms on their way, this is the ideal time to inspect your plants for ensuring if they are in good condition. You need to inspect each of your trees thoroughly and check for signs of damage and infestation. In particular, you must check-

  • If there are signs of tree root damage
  • Whether the junctions of major branches seem intact and healthy
  • If the tree is upright
  • No part of your trees are close to electricity cables or buildings


  1. Step Up Your Mulching

While it’s true that several parts all over the UK now experiences late rainfall, conditions are assured to get drier during this time of the year. Reputed tree surgeons in Richmond garden owners to lay mulch all around your trees for preserving moisture and keep weeds at bay. In addition to the mature trees, mulching is even essential for the young plants since they are more susceptible to the colder temperatures. You can even approach specialists who have vast experience in offering tree care services to make the most of mulching.

  1. Recycle Your Garden Waste

Consider adding the autumn leaves scattered all over the garden to your compost heap along with your food scraps and lawn clippings. Recycling your garden waste will provide nutrient-rich compost which can be utilised for feeding your plants and trees throughout the winter season. Making your own compost will even ensure you to have a steady supply for feeding your plants.

Now that you are aware of these essential gardening tips, what are you still thinking of? It’s time to approach a reputed tree surgeon and ensure a healthy landscape!