Woodchips for the garden and fuel

Best Quality Woodchips in Surrey

Roots and shoots are a well known woodchip supplier covering the area of Surrey. We use large chipping machine to produce chucky woodchips which is perfect for garden use or fuel. Here at Roots and Shoots, we ensure that our customers receive high quality woodchips by our professional tree surgeon in guildford at affordable rates.


Types of Woodchips We Supply

Woodchip for Heating Boilers

These are made from seasoned timber larger than 12 inches in breadth. The woodchips we supply are completely free of leaves and twigs.

Woodchip for Garden Mulch

It is specifically made to exterminate plants pests as well as diseases. It also enhances the look of garden beds by giving them a refined appearance.

Advantage of mulch

  • Motivates symbiotic fungi
  • Keeps soil moist
  • Soil nutrients
  • Weed suppression
  • Saves your plant from drying
  • Reduces weed germination
  • Safeguards the plant roots from cold weather conditions

Woodchips for everyone

The woodchip we supply can be used for an assortment of applications. Whether mulching, playgrounds or fuel, it is a green alternative to many more expensive products.

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